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Spring Concert — May 4, 2003
Make the Danube Sway: Melodies of Hungary and the Czech Republic

Kenneth Seitz, director
Paul Carlson, accompanist

My Star
The Swallows Arrived

Bedrich Smetana
Angels' Chorus
Ferencz Liszt

Only Tell Me
Enchanting Song

Bela Bartok
Amy Beach
Mountain Nights
Zoltan Kodaly
Nonsense Rhymes
Jindrich Feld
In the Spinning Room
Antonin Dvorak
Evening Song
Wainamoinene Makes Music
Zoltan Kodaly
Cat and Dog
Miklos Kocsar

Cosy Cat Nap


If the Sickle Blade Were Sharpened
Will We Smile in Parting
The Ring

Antonin Dvorak



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