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Spring Concert — Touches of Sweet Harmony
May 3, 2009
Kenneth Seitz, director
Paul Carlson, piano • Brian Holmes, horn • Mies Boet-Whitaker, flute

Where the Music Comes From

Lee Hoiby

It Was a Lover and His Lass

Albert Stoessel

Bought Locks

Peter Menin

So We'll Go No More A Roving

Brian Holmes

The Caged Bird Sings of Freedom

Brian Holmes

A Jubilant Song

Norman Dello Joio


William Grant Still

The Splendour Falls on Castle Walls

Kenneth Seitz


Kenneth Seitz

The Music of the Spheres

Brian Holmes

Seven Greek Pastoral Scenes (excerpts)

The Swallow Song

Sweet on the Pipe

The Golden Stars are Quiring in the West

Horatio Parker



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